Carl's Periscope
Carl Herrmann, Sears Trostel Operations Manager, spends a lot of time looking “upstream” into mills and forests around the world, watching supply and prices for important species. The Periscope reports what he sees and how it may affect your business. Bookmark this page for an insider's view of the lumber industry.

Recession strategy – ours and yours Recession strategy – ours and yours  (06/18/2009)  When the economy is operating normally, we watch the weather across the country for an early warning of supply problems...  < more >
We can help you cut costs and improve quality We can help you cut costs and improve quality  (06/17/2009)  Especially in this tough economy, we can help you choose hardwoods that strike the right balance between function, aesthetics, budget...  < more >
Ask the experts at Sears Trostel Ask the experts at Sears Trostel  (06/16/2009)  No one knows more than we do at Sears Trostel about wood and the wood industry.  We’re monitoring the market...  < more >
Market Outlook Market Outlook  (06/15/2009)  While availability across the board remains strong, prices have declined for certain species in response to falling demand.  So far,...  < more >
Species Update: Soft Maple Species Update: Soft Maple  (06/14/2009)  Like Hard Maple, the availability of Soft Maple remains strong, while demand has fallen off lately.  We offer Red Leaf...  < more >
Every business needs a “Plan B.”  What’s yours? Every business needs a “Plan B.” What’s yours?  (09/05/2008)  Back-up planning is an important part of running any business, because it helps to reduce the risk of unpleasant surprises...  < more >
Species Spotlight: Genuine Mahogany is back Species Spotlight: Genuine Mahogany is back  (09/05/2008)  Sears Trostel is the region’s exclusive dealer for Genuine Mahogany (Swietenia Macrophylla) grown on plantations in Fiji from trees...  < more >
Species Update: Ash Species Update: Ash  (09/05/2008)  Since 2002, the Emerald Ash Borer has caused the loss of more than 40 million Ash trees in Michigan. Millions...  < more >
Market Outlook Market Outlook  (09/05/2008)  For September 2008: Prices are expected to hold steady, with no major fluctuations anticipated in the near term.
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Coming in the Periscope Coming in the Periscope  (09/05/2008)  Keep an eye on the industry. Future posts to the Periscope will cover a variety of topics on a range...  < more >