Our Team

Curt Viehmeyer – Owner/General Manager, Riverside Location

After graduating from Colorado State University with a degree in biology, Curt spent two years teaching science in Malaysia with the Peace Corps before launching his career at Sears Trostel. His career started at the loading dock as a truck driver, leading eventually to an equity stake as co-owner in 1981. He has been general manager of the company since 1983, and continues to play a hands-on role with day-to-day responsibility for directing the company's growth and quality strategies. His free time is spent with family and friends, coaching youth baseball, and playing golf.


Steve Schwartz – Owner/President, Airpark Location

Steve was born in Arizona, raised in Cuba and New Jersey, and moved to Fort Collins in 1974 after graduating with a BA in Environmental Biology from Florida Atlantic University. He worked in agricultural research and the ecology laboratory at Colorado State University before coming to Sears Trostel in 1979 as a truck driver. In 1981, he acquired an equity stake in the company, and today focuses on sales and marketing as the company continues its expansion throughout Colorado and neighboring states. He and his wife of 32 years have four grown children. In his spare time he enjoys skiing, golf, camping and fishing, and building custom furniture.


Carl Herrmann – Operations Manager, Airpark Location

Carl came to Sears Trostel in 1994, and started in the old Linden store when the company had one saw, a planer, and a moulder. With the opening of the Airpark location, he was put in charge of running the newly purchased Mereen Johnson gang rip saw, then took a position as an inside salesperson, and moved into a dual role of purchasing and inside sales. He became Operations Manager in 2001, and in 2002 led a team of people to plan, implement and maintain a newly arranged shop floor and work procedures based on the principles of Lean Manufacturing. In 2008, he helped orchestrate another shop floor reconfiguration in which a ValuRip optimizing station feeds a Raimann gang rip saw, replacing the old Mereen Johnson saw. The 2008 project also involved adding a profile sander and updating the company's delivery truck fleet to handle the increased volume. Carl is now focused on simplifying and integrating the main and shop floor computer systems, as well as continuing to identify and eliminate waste in all aspects of the operation. In his free time, he enjoys playing guitar and playing chess.


Deanna Payne – Accounting/HR Manager, Airpark Location

Originally from Maryland, Deanna has spent most of her life in Fort Collins. She began her career at the Fort Collins Women's Clinic in medical records, and also worked for a local robotics company in accounting. In 1996, she joined Sears Trostel as Accounting Manager, and added the responsibilities of HR Manager a year later. She graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a BS in finance. She enjoys traveling, creative writing, watching hockey, and being a soccer mom.


Kevin Wellington – Sales Manager, Airpark Location

Kevin has sold a variety of merchandise and services over his career including newspapers, fire extinguishers, hardwood shelving, dining sets, educational software, staff development solutions, and now, architectural mouldings. He started with Sears Trostel Lumber in 2002. Kevin earned his BBA from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, in 1988. His spare time is spent with family, often in the Colorado mountains.


Edward Lopez – Production Manager, Airpark Location

Edward started in the furniture manufacturing industry in 1991 in North Carolina. From there he moved to Olympia, Washington and continued in the manufacturing industry with a company that manufactured dormitory furniture for colleges and universities.  He started as a dovetailer in the drawer department and worked his way through the different departments within the company, eventually becoming the Operations Manager for a custom cabinet and furniture manufacturer, overseeing a 13 million dollar yearly operation. He first worked for Sears-Trostel as the Warehouse Manager from 2007-2008. He came back in 2012 again as the Warehouse Manager eventually taking over as the Production Manager shortly there after. Edward currently serves in the United States Army Reserves, in a vertical engineering unit, his hobbies include fitness-running, biking and golfing. Edward lives in Loveland, CO with his wife and two daughters.


Jack Hegdal – Sales Consultant, Airpark Location

Jack is a Fort Collins native who has been with Sears Trostel since 1999. His first position with the company was inside sales at the Airpark location, followed by inside and outside sales at Riverside location. In addition to providing great customer service and networking with people, his interests include skiing, bicycling, reading, hiking among the trees, and home restoration projects.


Meryl Spaulding – Design Consultant & Inside Sales, Riverside

Originally aspiring to be a bilingual school teacher, Meryl came to Sears Trostel in 2006 to work in a part-time capacity. Once here, she found herself so inspired by building, construction and educating her clients, that she went on to complete a 4-year Interior Design degree at Colorado State. Now you'll find her at the Riverside store helping customers think strategically about design, resolving design issues, and figuring out exactly what they need to complete a job. She enjoys taking-on home remodeling projects with her husband, Jim, and being mom to her two children.


Michael Viehmeyer – Inside Sales, Airpark Location

Michael is a Fort Collins native and began working for Sears Trostel in August 2010 after graduating from Rocky Mountain High School.  After working at the Riverside warehouse and retail sales counter, he moved to our Airpark facility where he is the first point of contact for customers. Michael assesses customers' needs and provides millwork, lumber and plywood solutions to meet those needs. Michael also manages stocking inventories for select millwork customers.


Jon Davis – Head of Tooling Dept./Knife Grinder, Airpark Location

Jon spent several years in emergency medicine and as an auto mechanic before coming to Sears Trostel in 1999. He joined the company as a moulder operator, then moved to knife operations to work with the company's extensive collection of knife sets, currently at 8,000 sets and growing. He has been head of the tooling department since 2000. Jon is married and has two daughters. He's an avid fan of Professional Bull Riding, and spends his free time fishing and riding horses in nearby mountains.


Jim Roberts – Lead Moulder Operator, Airpark Location

Jim is originally from North Dakota but has lived in Fort Collins for the last 46 years. He started with Sears Trostel in 1996 on the gang saw line and has moved up through the years to be the lead moulder operator on the Unimat line. His interests outside of work include astronomy, building telescopes and photography.


Chet Nance – Assistant Manager, Riverside Location

Chet grew up on a small farm near Edmond, Oklahoma and graduated from University of Central Oklahoma with a BA in Business Administration - Finance. He met his wife, Kristy, and moved to Colorado where she was originally from.  Chet has a long history of sales and administrative service experience with local businesses in construction and industrial sales. In his free time Chet enjoys working on small jobs around the house for family, friends and members of his church as well as hunting, fishing and playing softball. He volunteers for various church activities as well as for activities with the Mountain States Children’s Home near Longmont, Colorado. Chet and Kristy have two sons, and they are currently serving in the US Army.


Lenny Scovel – Shop Supervisor, Riverside Location

Lenny began his woodworking career shortly after moving to Colorado in 1985.  He studied Construction Management at Colorado State University, and his professional portfolio includes a dozen historic storefronts in Old Town Fort Collins and throughout the state.  After he blows the dust off, Lenny is an actor and enjoys camping, biking and collecting and playing European board games.


Harlan Mekelburg – Woodworking Instructor/Sales Consultant, Riverside Location

Harlan is a Colorado native with a teaching and business background.  Harlan has had a passion for woodworking ever since his first woodshop class in 7th grade.  You can always find a new creation being worked on in his shop.  Here at Sears Trostel, Harlan manages the School of Woodworking.  He also assists customers at the Riverside location.  He is credited with developing the highly successful "Bread 'n' Boards" fundraising project here at Sears Trostel Lumber.  Funds from the project are donated to the Food Bank for Larimer County.  Harlan is an Ironman triathlete and enjoys biking, swimming and running.  During his free time, if he is not in his shop, he is probably out training for his the next race.