Virtual Tour

Warehouse-Airpark location

We store thousands of board feet of lumber in a multitude of species within our 12,000 square foot warehouse. There is another 4,000 square feet of covered storage outside in the "shed" area. It is constantly being planned-out and organized to get the best possible efficiency in handling material.


Hydromat moulder

Moulder operator, Jim Roberts, sorts boards for running through the Hydromat moulder.


Grinding custom profile knives-Airpark location

Knife grinder, Justin Thorne, grinds a new profile knife to match the template at his right hand. Sears Trostel is constantly grinding new knives for customer profiles and have thousands on hand in the knife room. This is a very crucial part of creating mouldings for our customers.


Warehouse customer loading area-Riverside location

Matthew Hirsch helps a customer with his project at the loading area in the Riverside warehouse. The Riverside warehouse is a climate controlled, 12,000 square foot facility with an upstairs rack system for customer to peruse material. Unlike the Airpark facility, the Riverside warehouse is designed for customers to be able to sort through lumber and stock mouldings and really pick what they need for their project.


Cut to order-Riverside location

Matt Chavez cuts some material for a customer. The Riverside location is set up to cut customer material to size in an instant. If you want something particular or simply to cut it to length for easier loading, the staff at Riverside would be happy to do it for you.


Upstairs moulding racks-Riverside location

The Riverside warehouse has had a custom rack system designed and installed to allow our customers to have the ability to browse the material and pick out what they want without the hassle of having someone bring it down for them. These moulding racks store many different stocked profiles in various sizes and species.  


The store-Riverside location

In addition to having a warehouse, the Riverside location is also the store. This location really caters to the walk-in customer, from the hobbyist and homeowner, all the way to the commercial customer. We carry many different types of woodworking tools and accessories, often times there are specialty items you'd be hard-pressed to find somewhere else. The store is laid out to be customer friendly and our knowledgeable staff are there to answer your questions.


Production floor-Airpark location

This is where all the action happens at Sears Trostel. The production floor makes all of the manufactured wood products sold at both the Riverside and Airpark locations. If you order mouldings, they are created here. Lean manufacturing techniques and state-of-the-art machinery makes our process more efficient and of higher quality for our customers, saving them time and money while giving them an excellent product.  


Production floor-Airpark location

The production area is 20,000 square feet and every bit of it is maximized to its fullest potential. Careful planning and mapping have streamlined it to be efficient and create less wait time between machine stations. The garage doors allow material to be brought in from the warehouse which is right outside.


Small shop-Riverside location

Ted Pearl, custom woodworker, works on a customer's order. The Riverside location also has a production area, only on a much smaller scale. This shop handles smaller orders, custom work, and specialty items. This is a great service for customers who may have limited space for woodworking machinery in their own shop.


Warehouse aisle-Airpark location

This is one of the aisles in the 12,000 square foot warehouse at the Airpark location. Bay doors at the end of the aisle allow easy access for forklifts to move in and out of the warehouse carrying material out to trucks for loading on our trucks, load up a customer or provide material to production.